ASFAPOG supports Children’s Well-Being in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Asfapog stands for African School of Family Well-Being, Policy and Government. The United States of America 501 C3 Tax Exemption Charitable Nonprofit Organization promotes the Well-Being of Congolese vulnerable children, needy youth and low-income families through Education support, Healthcare relief and Human Rights protection.

“Please, Join ASFAPOG to support Children’s Well-Being in DRC”.

About the project

Asfapog agrees that “Family Well-Being is vital to thriving communities”. USDA NIFA

Asfapog believes that “Family Well-Being occurs when all family members are safe, healthy, and have chances for educational advancement and economic mobility”. ECLKC-HHS.gov

African School of Family Well-Being, Policy, and Government, in short Asfapog, is a United States of America 501 C3 tax exemption charitable nonprofit organization founded with the purpose of providing social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of vulnerable children, needy youth, and low-income families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In a range of Family Well-Being setting, Asfapog acknowledges the existence and the effort of both Congolese Integration Network (Cin) and the Congolese Community of Washington State to thrive African Congolese Community of Washington State. Asfapog believes that the field is huge, and the workers are few, so unity is strength, and we need to work together for the Peace, love, and prosperity of our community in the United State of America within mind Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion approach. Also, Asfapog thinks that there are plenty of areas that the African Congolese American community needs help for the well-being of all members and their businesses. We mean that this project wants to pursue its dream in completing the efforts of those main African Congolese existing structures cited above and extending potential resources to helping needy Congolese Children (orphans and special needs children included), youth, and low-income families from Washington State, where we could get resources, to the DR Congo (Central Africa), country under war, poverty, and uncertainty context for growing children safely.

Asfapog focuses more on helping children with special needs, disabilities, and mental health conditions, often marginalized in Congo, and bringing life-changing to them. From its Social Impact Communication strategy and the work of its Center for Informed Public, Asfapog analyzes data, works on policy advocacy, and informs the government. As well as in America, pursuing the purpose of its creation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the charitable organization delivers Children Well-Being’s training and Capacity Building program to children, parents, teachers, caregivers, healthcare professionals, researchers, politics, congress, journalists, artists, Human Rights activists, public decision makers or government at all levels, law professionals, civil society (priest, pastors,…), public safety professionals, and others practitioners in children’s lives. Asfapog plans to create a French-Lingala radio-television communication campaign sharing messages about children’s well-being, prevention, and survivorship support. Asfapog also thinks among his actions, launching a Center for Informed Public and Center for Social Impact Communication.

Concretely, Asfapog has two (2) work aspects: social and political. Socially, Asfapog wants directly to assist African Congolese children, youth, and low-income parents (families) with food, water, clothes, education, health, shelter, and protection against all kinds of abuses in both Washington and in DRC. In some children’s and youth’s schools overseas, in DRC, for example, we want to address such problems as teenage pregnancy, misbehavior, and truancy. We may also advise teachers and providing a specific parenting training both to African Congolese parents and to African Immigrant and Refugees living in Washington. Politically, we want to regularly to regularly do research and provide advocacy based on statistical information’s able to help the public policy makers, at all levels, in decision making process for the well-being of the African Congolese populations both in Washington and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So, we address such problems as:

  • Family, children, and empowering youth policies.
  • Education, health, and protection (security) for children’s policies.

Our Vision

A world where all needy children, youth, and low-income families have access to critical resources for their well-being and protection.

Our Mission

Educating and helping African and Refugees low-income families by empowering children and youth to make a positive family well-being impact in their life, both in Washington State and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Time to say that we are looking for Grants. We also need volunteers on the board of governors. We finally need staff to do the daily work. We are looking for a membership opportunities program to support this two (2) years old nonprofit organization. Your help is really appreciated.

Our charitable Purpose

Supporting health access, Education, Security, and Protection for kids (children) and youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In King County and Peirce County in Washington State, we also want to help low-income African Congolese Immigrants and Refugees families to get access to critical resources and supporting the government policies through research and social impact communications approach for the well-being of all African Congolese needy children, youth, and low-income families.

Our Believe

We believe that all families in the world, even low-income families, deserve a better life.

Main programs:

  1. Healthcare support.
  2. Education support.
  3. Human Rights Protection.

Annual Activities

Asfapog will take all kinds of initiative to implement her mission and programs. In some way, the African School of Family Well-Being will give the opportunity to the African Congolese community to ask critical questions about their situation and needs as human being, how they engage with relationship issue, employment issue, parenting issue, … What are their needs? What can they do to meet their needs? There are some annual activities and objectives of the African School of Family Well-Being, Policy, and Government:

  1. Education sponsorship program and school supplies for two thousand (2000) and plus Congolese children in Wahington State and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo each year.
  2. Helping two thousand (2000) and plus needy children, empowering youth, and motivating low-income families to get access to mental and physical needs such as clean water, food, clothes, healthcare, education, shelter, and protection against all kinds of abuses each year.
  3. Each year, supporting microfinance and sustainable solutions to two (2) thousand and plus low-income families in Washington State and in the DRC.
  4. Each year, introducing or supporting media to promote family well-being programs through press articles, news programs, shows, and films.
  5. Each year, providing civic, political, cultural, and moral education to two (2) thousand and plus families in DRC through the African Congolese Ngo DYMCOS (Dynamique Multisectorielle de Communication Sociale en Rdc).
  6. Producing every year, a campaign about the Center of Informed Public and Social Impact Communication.
  7. Organization each year, a conference-debate with decision-makers, politics, and civil society at all levels about the well-being of African Congolese Immigrant and Refugees children (including orphans and special needs children), youth, and low-income families in Washington State and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for five (5) hundreds and plus participants or combining them into one. The board of directors will, every year, decide about the location for the next African Congolese family well-being annual event.

The board of directors

The board of directors of African School of Family Well-Being, Policy, and Government, all of them selected and interviewed by the Executive Director based on their background and knowledge, knows and are ready to learn about the subject of the family well-being. We are recruiting men and women who love working for children, and for children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Among other considerations, the board will work as a team, the board is expected to be able to make decisions together, to push and help to implement mission of African School of Family Well-Being, Policy, and Government. The board will use all information that could help to drive the nonprofit in an honest way. We need people and we are still recruiting.

Antoine R. Bolamba

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